Bosley thinks one of his friends, Miss Rossmore, is being swindled because she has donated her whole estate to a psychic research centre.  She is hoping to make contact with her nephew Martin who was killed in a motorbike accident.

Kris and Sabrina both go under cover in the institute, Kris as a researcher and Sabrina as her subject.   A psychic assistant, Kathy Wayde is murdered at the institute whilst an experiment is being conducted, while she is alone in a locked room.  Kelly enters the institute and pretends to have been hired by Miss Rossmore to investigate Kathys death.

They convince the resident psychic Peter Russell to conduct an experiment on Sabrina one night to bring Martin back.  Sabrina goes snooping before the experiment begins and discovers high tech video equipment which allows Peter Russell to record his part in the experiment and still be free to murder Kathy Wayde.

Russell realises that Sabrina is on to him and takes her by gunpoint and trys to make a run for it.  Sabrina struggles and overpowers Russell and he is captured.  Bosley is proven correct and Kris falls for a handsome young psychic at the institute called Eric.

Season 3